Relationship Status? (It’s More Complicated!)


Single? In a Relationship? It’s Complicated? What about making them more complicated?

What could be more interesting than one’s love life? We are always asked about our relationship status and as much as we want to tell the exact answer, we often end up not saying the truth. Well, we can’t blame them, can we? In this era of massive developments, even people’s relationships and status also perk up. It seems like we are all in the showbiz industry where a big spotlight is on us and our every action is being recorded. So when someone asks us about our love life, we become like a movie star who answers such questions in a safe way but still keeps the real score.

And now, since we are talking about love life, are you aware that many other relationship statuses now exist? These modern alternative statuses make it harder for the gossiping tongues to spread their precious humor. Thus, making somebody interested in you become more interested.

Here are some:

1. “Available” — Someone who may be single or in a relationship but is always feeling available to some flings/relationships.

2. “Single and ready to mingle” — Typically single and willing to be” taken”.

3. “Discreetly Taken” — In a relationship but not  “officially” together.

4. “Friendly” —  One who only wants a friendly relationship so as to avoid being or causing a friendzone.

5. “It’s Obvious” — It’s like, what you see is what you get. No more questions to ask.

6. “In a Contract” — It’s when a relationship has an expiration date. Once it expires, they both forward to another relationship with someone new or if both consented, they will renew the contract.

7.” Stuck” — That when one has not yet moved on from his/her ex and unconsciously, still hopes for a reconciliation.

8. “Assuming” — Someone who only has a “love interest” (a suitor or someone to court) but with no formal commitment yet. However, that someone already thinks that he/she and his/her love interest is already a couple.

9. “Single and bitter” — He or she (who has been single for a long time or who is still stuck in a previous relationship) who always gets bitter when he/she sees a couple. Their famous line is, “Time will come, you will not be together anymore.”

10. “I’m happy” — A very safe answer to a very intriguing question if you are in a relationship. Need I say more?

So, how’s your lovelife? If you’re gonna ask me, well, “I’m happy”. 🙂


Relationship Status? (It’s More Complicated!)

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