The Perfect Job

          Let me ask you, do you love your job? Or you discreetly hate it?

          We all have a job to do. Whether you are the professional one, striving real hard in the corporate world, or you are the humble one who prefers to stick to indigenous resources for a living, or you are one who serves the community and the government, you still play the role of being a job-doer, like everyone else. Some say, you can consider your life to have succeeded if you have found a job that is stable and that offers the optimum benefits. However, not all jobs that you will get are right for you. Sometimes, you only had that job because someone you knew has referred you to a particular company. Another reason is that maybe, your luck is kind to you that of all the applicants who applied for your current job, you were the one that was chosen for some reason you cannot clearly fathom. Also, you cannot hide the fact that sometimes, you land a job because it’s the first one that came knocking on your door when you badly needed one or whenyou were just a fresh graduate from college.

          So how would you know if your current job is the right one for you? Could it be if it pays more than what you need? Or maybe, if it has given you myriad opportunities professionally and socially? What about if it helps you become who you actually aspired for to become when you were little? Could it be if it is equipped with benefits that lessen your life’s inconveniences? Lastly, is it if your job allowed you to have more acquaintances and boost your career?

         The answer on the aforementioned questions are all NO. It is never a measure of a job being compatible to you if it provides you the material things that you just want but you do not actually need. They’re just petty things that you make big because you wanted too much when you already have what is sufficient. Also, professional and social opportunities aren’t what your job has given you, they are the privilege that you have given to yourself because you worked hard on something. As for your aspiration when you were little, it may be true that your job had helped you to reach that far but without your determination, strong will and perseverance, you would not really become who you’ve always wanted if you had just relied on the prestige that your job gives you. Similarly, having a lot of benefits, acquaintances and career enhancement from your job does not entitle you to the sweetest results that you may find fascinating. Of course, who would not be tempted with those highly-rewarding things? But at the end of the day, you’d just realize that those things are really not important.

          The true essence of a job being right for you is if it makes you happy and motivated. It’s like, though you face difficulties in doing your job, you still don’t want to give up and you keep coming back for more. It may not be as high-paying as the other jobs but for you, it is more than enough. It’s when you feel in your heart that in every day, it’s your job that you always want to do. Notwithstanding any shortcomings of your job, it’s what you would sign up for over and over again.

             There is really no perfect job but there’s a job that is rightfully just for you. Every job has its flaws but when you manage to get through them and you’re still happy with your job, that’s it. Don’t ask for anything more. We should never expect our job to give us only the good times. It’s like expecting life to offer you the best when truthfully, sometimes it gives you the worst. There is no perfect life as there is no perfect job. Learn to understand and eventually, move on–for the better and not for the worse.


The Perfect Job

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