Through Thick and Thin

              ..”A friend is like a dark chocolate. Even if it gets bitter sometimes, the natural sweetness can still be felt and in the end, it’ll still taste like heaven..”

They say, the most constant thing in life is change but aside from change, there is another that remains stable in our every lifetime: having a friend. It’s funny how every one of us has this someone who’s more than a sibling but less of a lover. When you talk about a friend, you refer to someone who cares for you more than your sibling can do and someone who loves you a little less than your lover can do.

Well, who would not need a friend? When you want someone to listen to your never-ending stories about anything that comes to your mind, you need a friend. When you want someone to tag along with you on your first date, you need a friend. When you want someone to pick you up on your drunken nights, you need a friend. When you want someone to tell you how you look on the dress you just bought, you need a friend. When you want someone to confide to when your heart is broken, you need a friend. When you need someone to help you do household chores, you need a friend. When you want to be reminded that you’re becoming a bit “healthier”, you need a friend. When you want someone to buy you lunch or just make you something to eat, you need a friend. The list goes on and on until you realize that when you want something, you need a friend.

A friend is the first person you can count on and the last person you ever want to fight with. Sometimes, things get rough and the friendship you have with someone becomes ruptured. It is inevitable but as long as you value all the things that you shared, the laughter, the sorrow, the ups and the downs, your bond will not be broken and will be stronger instead. Every fight will just be a building block of a tighter friendship until the both of you get used to it. Like they say, a friend today will always be a friend tomorrow. No matter what happens to your life, a friend sticks by your side to support you and make you feel that you are not alone.

Indeed, a friend is the best companion one could ever have. When you’re with a friend, you’re comfortable to be yourself. With a friend, you never get ashamed if you are at your worst personality. When you stumble, your friend will laugh at you but will then pick you up when the both of you stops laughing.  Most especially, when you feel that the entire world is turning back on you, it’s your friend whom you can always count on. It really pays to know a good friend to be one.

Many times in our lives, we’ll have a friend but it doesn’t matter whether they just pass by or they remain in tact on our whole lifetime. Having a friend is a thing but keeping a friend is another thing. Remember, through thick and thin, a friend is always worth keeping.


Through Thick and Thin

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