What Matters Most

All relationships are put to fire. There is no such thing as a constantly happy couple and an unfailing relationship. Whatever relationship we have, it will always have to surpass a point where conflicts arise and go beyond our control.

We should bear in mind that relationships are put to test to make stronger and better persons out of us. The challenge is whether we pass the test with our loved ones still on our side or with only ourselves in the end. Love can be the best ingredient of a successful relationship. With love, we can do things we never knew we can. We can make everything happen just the way we like it to happen. And love, above all things, can change the world and conquer all. However, we should not forget another ingredient: Communication—the lifeblood of every relationship.

Many would agree that there are certain things in a relationship that should be kept unsaid but not all the time that we have to believe it. It is because the moment we lie about our feelings, we unconsciously build a wall around us. Every time we hide something out of fear or shame, the wall becomes higher and bigger until we become strangers to the people we love. Hurting inside ensues and sadly, when we can no longer bear the pain, we resort to giving up on the love that we most wanted to keep.

If we cannot barely express ourselves, our doubts, fears and insecurities to the people we love, the next probable thing to happen is the relationship to fail. Sometimes, it is better to be hurt by an honest mistake that you knew than a betrayal that you didn’t saw coming. Some people suffer in silence because they fear that opening up just makes things worse. They keep things to themselves until their affection to each other diminishes and lead to separation.

No matter how heavy our burden is, it can always be lightened by an honest, heartfelt and peaceful exchange of thoughts and feelings. Fights are inevitable. Oftentimes, we hurt those we love because we tend to think of our own sake. Remember, selfishness is a poison that heedlessly kills any relationship. The happiness that we get from satisfying our own wants is the happiness that we deprive others of. And worse, our joy becomes their pain and our rise becomes their fall.

Indeed, beautiful things will always be built from foundations of pain. We face myriad hindrances just to find out in the end that we can be the best. We love and get hurt but it doesn’t matter how much pain we had. What matters is that we have a space in our hearts that heals, forgives and forgets everything we’ve been through. It also doesn’t matter how many times we stumbled. What matters is how we took the courage to stand again and prove to the world that it’s not an option to give up. In the end, when all else fails, what will really matters the most is that we did love at all..


What Matters Most

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