Her: To the Person I Can Call Myself Futuristically

Dear You,

This will be the first and last time that I will be writing to you. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that the more I get in touch with you, the more I realize how simple my life was before you came. Let me guess, you’re a little pissed off that I’m this way: fragile, insensitive, boring. Did you ever understand why I’m like this?

If not for you, I would have been adventurous. I would have been fun-loving and free-spirited. I would have gone to different places, met more acquaintances and did extraordinary things. Sadly, I just remained stuck at the bottom of the mountain, not wanting to take a single step and climb. You see, everything about you now was once about me too. The way you look, the way you think, the way you act, all of them were once mine. In my efforts to become successful, I seemed to forget how to become happy. Are you happy now?

Once, a simple hello means so much to me. Today, a letter of appreciation is not enough for you. For me, a good talk with a good friend will make my day. For you, a huge business deal with a prospective client will end your day right. I prefer music, books and entertainment as my topics of interest. You fancy politics, fashion and business as points of conversations. I find comfort in simple things that I like. You don’t know what comfort is or even what things do you like. I had an undemanding life. Do you even have a life?

What I will tell you now is what you’ve always wanted to hear.  Wherever you are, whatever things you have and whoever you are with right now, you can’t have them forever. They may make you happy for a while and may complete your half-empty, half-full life temporarily but they can never be permanent. You should bear in mind that nothing is ever built to last. While you have the chance, you should spend your life living it freely but with dignity instead of trying to survive with it by the worst means you can think of. I am asking you to slow down sometimes, do not take everything by heart and learn to be more of a person than of a robot. Love more people, less things. Make memories, throw away negativities. Optimize yourself rather than belittling your own self.

I may be fragile, but I know how to handle myself. I may be insensitive but when it comes to my feelings, I know perfectly where I stand. I may be boring but at least I know how to have fun.

P.S. ( I understand why you’re like that.  And yes, my happiness is incomparable. I have a life. We have a life. Let’s live it as if yesterday never happened and today is just a beginning of tomorrow. )




Her: To the Person I Can Call Myself Futuristically

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