Top 10 Most Annoying Social Media Habits (That We Are Also Guilty of Doing Sometimes)

  1. Tagging someone to a picture who isn’t even on the picture
  • Well, who wouldn’t get annoyed when someone tagged you on a picture that you are not present at? Carelessness? Typo error when selecting friends to tag? Name it! But what’s even worse is if that picture is a picture of your friends’, colleagues’ or relatives’ reunion that you were not able to attend. It’s a great emphasis that you missed it so they want you to be jealous of them being together.
  1. Tagging someone on a picture that he/she is at the wackiest
  • This habit is very effective on doing birthday greetings through social media. Admit it, we all get delighted when we see a very funny picture of someone we know, so delighted that we would want to post it immediately on social media. If you are the one to post, certainly, you’re happy but if you are the one being tagged, that is not something to be happy for.
  1. Posting Non-sense Things (Tweet, Photos or Status)
  • There will always come a time when we couldn’t fathom what we want to say so in the end, what we post just doesn’t make any sense but still, we post it. This post usually starts with a deep sigh and then a blank idea and lastly, the post that even you couldn’t understand. Oops, do not also forget a very bland picture that you just took out of boredom.
  1. Posting a very long post about your latest business endeavor or networking venture
  • Sure, the social media indeed, had been a very good marketing avenue but when you keep on posting about your products, marketing plans or other business-related stuff on your own social media profile, it’s quite annoying. Some people do not care about these things or if they do, they are too busy to even get interested with them so you really cannot persuade them to be your clients/customers. Why don’t you create a separate account for your business where people can be updated on what’s new or what services or products that your business offers? In that way, you can promote your business extensively because it is a separate entity from yourself.
  1. Chain Posts (including Prayer-like posts, nasty pictures of human or animal cruelty and scam or hoaxes)
  • Have you ever read a very long prayer-like post where on the end says, “Pass this to 100 friends and your wish will come true” (What if you only have 50 friends on your list?) or have you ever seen a cumbersome picture of a baby or an animal that is brutally abused and in the end says, “Hit Like if you want to save them” (If you did press like, will the baby automatically be saved and the bruises will disappear?) Furthermore, would you believe if some famous people suddenly become dead just for the sake of trending worldwide? Oh people!
  1. Repeated exchange of sweet (but sometimes bitter) messages of couples
  • Not being a “Single and Bitter” one but reading repeated exchanges of sweet messages from a couple can sometimes put creeps into one’s veins. You will suddenly ask, is their relationship really not that private that they can publicly broadcast their term of endearment or their “forever” love for each other? If it’s their anniversary or “monthsary”, it could be acceptable but for every minute? Wow, that is sooo. (I can’t find the right words to say) Just imagine how could it get worse when this couple starts to exchange hate messages for each other when their relationship gets on the rocks or if they decide to call it quits. Be prepared for Facebook, Twiitter or Instagram turning into a “Couple’s Corner”.
  1.  Flooding Posts
  • If ever you get too tired of having many social media friends or followers, the only thing that you should do is to flood posts. As in, post what you eat, what you do, what you are listening to, what you are feeling or who you are with every minute, every blink of your eye or just every time you wanted to. Need I say more?
  1. Picture First Before You Eat (#FoodPorn)
  • For everyone’s knowledge, Food Porn is a spectacular presentation of cooking or eating in advertisements, commercials and any other form of media. At present, Food Porn is very famous nationwide. In any part of the world, people take pictures of their food first before having at least their first bite. There’s really nothing wrong with taking photographs of good and delicious food. It only becomes annoying if you will switch your #FoodPorn mode on in every food that you are going to eat for the day and post it every time on social media. Like, if you are having 3 full meals and 2 light meals a day and on your full meals, you have a total of 3 kinds of food to eat on each meal and 2 kinds of food on your light meals, I could not imagine how many Food Porn posts you will have everyday.
  1. Social Media As Avenue of Emotions (as in strong emotions like anger and grief)
  • Maybe it already occurred on your social media life that one of your followers posts something so bothering like stating his/her extreme anger towards a person or something stating defiance to a certain person. So what did you feel? Right, I feel for you. That feeling is like you are in a soap opera where the protagonist is having his/her dialogue and guess what, you are the antagonist!
  1. Selfies!!
  • Taking selfies is really not that annoying, taking lots and lots of it is. Maybe it’s not for being narcissistic but since taking your own photograph using hand held devices such as camera phones or digital cameras became popular, people immediately become fond of it. Sure, it is fine to take a selfie once a day but taking it twice or thrice every hour? That must have been a great burden to the people whose News Feed would be updated with your online activity of posting selfies, worse, making each selfie you post your DP.


Top 10 Most Annoying Social Media Habits (That We Are Also Guilty of Doing Sometimes)

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