Perks of Being Single

          They say, if you are single, you are living an unhappy life. Like, you are not taken, you don’t have someone to share moments with or you don’t have someone to exchange sweet nothings with you. Maybe they thought, you have already transformed yourself into a bitter melon because of your bitterness or your whole surroundings has turned into ice because you refuse to “Let It Go”. What they don’t know is that a person who is “Single” has a lot more benefits than a person who is “In a relationship”.

So what are those benefits? Here, let’s enumerate the Perks of Being Single (in my honest and witty point of view—that’s if I have a point):

  1. If there is only one seat left in your local public transportation (PUV), you are the best candidate to fill in the seat
  • Basically, if you are alone, you are like a superhero of the passengers who are already on the vehicle just waiting for it to get full. It’s because most of the time, there is really only one seat left  on a PUV but it doesn’t get going until it is full. Okay, let’s say there are many passengers waiting on the line, but if all of them have someone with them, the vehicle still wouldn’t get full because most likely, they won’t separate. So if you are single “You are the lucky one because you can fill in the single seat available.”
  1. There is only one thing that could make you cry: Onions.
  • If you are in a relationship, lover’s quarrels or misunderstandings are inevitable and admit it or not, there are times when you’re in these situations, you cry your heart out. It is also possible that if your sweetheart didn’t call or even text you for a day, you will get hysterical. Or if you had a fight and you do not reconcile yet, then you have watched something that relates to your situation, you will cry over it too, right? Because you put yourself in their shoes. People in a relationship are often that emotional. But if you are single, it is only chopping onions that could make you cry.
  1. If there are important occasions like Christmas and New Year, you can save money for gifts
  •   If you are single, you would buy gifts for only a few people: your family, some friends, godchildren, your boss, co-workers, neighbors and others that you feel life giving a gift. What’s good is, you don’t have a lover whom you would think of what or how much is the gift that you would give. It’s like, less expense and less effort as well. Amazing, right?
  1. You can go to places all you want.
  • There, I said it, “go to places all you want”. This is very famous with single persons because of course, if you are in a relationship, you have someone to ask for permission first before you can go to some place or just hang-out with some friends. And if your partner did not agree? Well, you can just go to the corner of your room and cry or better yet, get a flashlight, hum a little sound and dance in your improvised disco.
  1. Holidays are only the “days” that you will celebrate. No more, no less.
  • “Weeksary”, “Monthsary”, “100 days”, “Anniversary”, all of them will no longer be included on days that you need to celebrate. If you are in a relationship, remembering these days is a must. You will prepare a gift for your beau and then you will have a date somewhere nice. But if you are single, only those declared holidays are the ones you need to celebrate and mark on your calendar. Sometimes, it’s a hassle to remember too many dates. Like, you would just want to have a recorder installed in your brain just so you could remember all of them.
  1. You’re like a fish in the water, always ready to be caught (but you can also make yourself hard to find sometimes.)
  • If you are single, you are very much eligible. Why? Because, you have all the freedom in the world to be someone’s special someone. So if ever you wanted someone, it’s never a sin to show reciprocal love. You also do not need to be involved in a love triangle or be a third party because obviously, you are single and definitely ready to mingle. However, you still have the right to be choosy or picky sometimes. It’s part of the game of being single. Trust me, it works.
  1. You no longer are the “alien” that your friends and relatives knew since you’ve been in a relationship.
  • Your family and friends will get surprised because you are now always present on every gathering (in which when you were in a relationship, you almost run out of alibis with). There will also come a time that you will be the one to organize an event so you will be able to reunite with them. It feels so good, right? It’s like, what you only have to do is to laugh and be happy with the people who matters to you and cares for you more than a lover can do.
  1. You have more things for yourself: time, money and especially, love.
  • Your favorite love songs will now be out of the picture because when you are single, “Greatest Love of All” is your life’s official soundtrack. It’s not about being bitter because you’re not in a relationship. Let’s just say that you are just being sweet to yourself because being single means giving yourself everything that you want and deserve such as food you like to eat, clothes and shoes you like to wear, savings account that you want to have and many others that you will just come to realize once you get single. But above all, you will have all the time to take care and love yourself more.
  1. Your career is at its peak.
  • They say, people who do not have love life are successful. Need I say more?
  1. You are more lovable and adorable than those who are in a relationship.
  • When you’re single, you always dress well and try to be good-looking. Maybe that is the reason why in the eyes of others, you are extremely pretty. It’s like without any effort you exert in making yourself lovely, people still say, “Hey, you look blooming” whenever they see you. It is something that feels so overwhelming because though you are not committed to someone, there are people who find you attractive or worth a chance.

And this ends my list that I know are not yet complete because the list goes on and on. If you could add something to my list, I would be glad to hear it.

.Let me just say, if you are single now, so what? At least you are enjoying many perks that people in a relationship don’t have and that is more than to be thankful for. 🙂


Perks of Being Single

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