10 Signs that You’re No Longer A Teen

Teenage is probably the best years on someone’s life. It is on this period where one can experience all the excitement, the drama and the pro’s and con’s of being a teenager. But if you’re no longer a teen, that’s a bit sad. So here are 10 Signs that You’re No Longer a Teen:

1. Your age starts in 2 and ends with another digit.

2. When you’re bored, you don’t look for someone to text with but someone to drink with instead

3. You begin to save money..(to be used on a weekend get-away with office or college friends)

4. You get rid of all your old stuff ‘coz you feel they’re not appropriate anymore

5. You start to think maturely, but still act immaturely..(sometimes!)

6. When you’re in a relationship, you’re making it long-term (like more than a month)

7. You make it sure to always dress well and maintain a good social image (you suddenly thought of how many friends you have in FB and followers on IG and Twitter)

8. You constantly attend to your friends’ or relatives’ weddings (30% of those, you’re part of the entourage)

9. Your godchildren increase in number (like they’re multiplying!)

10. You’re still reading this and denying at least one of the signs 🙂

10 Signs that You’re No Longer A Teen

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