The Hangover Effect

When you get yourself drunk, the toxic effect of the alcohol will not take place just as the time you drank but instead it is always an after effect, an aftermath, a hangover. Alcohol, no matter how little the amount you had, will always have an effect on you. You see, it is not always a cause of extensive headache or an annoying nausea because sometimes, it helps a person to forget and get over something. But can one really forget?

Just like alcohol, love has a two-fold effect on everyone. There is one, which causes a not-so-good effect and another one which causes a not-so-bad result. Those are just approximates because truthfully, I don’t believe that love can ever be that good or that bad. It just depends on how a person takes it. If he takes love as the most important thing for him, then be it, whereas, if he thinks that love is just a typical thing, it’s his prerogative. No one can change his stand for it, of course, not unless he let it.

Can a person be drunk at love? Yes, it can. It happens when one had too much love for a particular person and he/she can do nothing but continue to love him/her even though he/she left him hanging. Those love drunks are most commonly identified as martyrs and/or masochists who love hurting themselves by constantly remembering their former love and worse, desperately hoping that maybe someday, their lost love will come back to them and they will have a sweeter relationship for the second time, or even for the nth time around. Over and over, they don’t mind being the one who takes all the pain while their ex-love goes on being the pain provider. In the end, they suffer from the melancholy of being alone, literally, and worse, they feel that their lives had just become worthless. It is in this course of action that the world’s unhappiest creatures are born. Undeniably, it is such an inevitable downside of love.

But flipping a coin on the other side, we can see to it that although love has a striking downside, it has a remarkable role in mankind after all. It is because after we got drunk and had the utmost hangover, surely, our headache will be over and we can vividly think once again. Love was made to put to test how far we can go for someone and how we can handle heartaches and broken hearts. And if we passed the test, another love will come our way. Though it’s unpredictable when and where it would come, assurance of its occurrence is definitely high. We just have to wait and be patient for love has its own way of entering our lives. Do not ever lose hope. We should bear in mind that our latter love did not end up well because another one, which is far better than the last will come. It is just a continuous cycle of finding and losing a loved one until we end up with the ones we are fated to be with for the rest of our lives.

Love makes the world go round so as a couple of drinks make you go round in circles and see twinkling stars when you had too much. But in any how, are you still willing to get drunk?


The Hangover Effect

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