The Otherside

If there is love, there is hatred

If there is right, there is wrong

If there is light, there is darkness

And if there’s an end, there’s always a beginning.

 The magic of life not only rests on how it makes men the most peculiar being

ever created. How they go crazy over it, how to win over something or someone and how

to be at the verge of success, are not what life offers us the most. Somehow, the most

important credit that we had from it is how it keeps all of us alive, not just literally but in

all aspects of our being as well.

Up until now, and until forever, I guess, we are all bound to face myriad ironies

that life particularly bequeaths to us. They may not please us at all times but at least, we

learn something from them and we acquire such lessons that are vital to humanity.

Love, we do love and it is said to be the greatest gift. Right, it really is but

don’t we know that above all things, it is love that triggers someone to be at the abyss of

hatred? It is because you can never be hurt by a person whom you do not love or you do

not care about at all. The hurt that we’re talking about here is not the simple hurt you feel

when somebody did not invite you to a party or that when someone tells you that your

clothes do not look good on you or even that when a person laid his hands on you and

physically hurt you. Those are just petty, this hurt is the kind that pierce through your

soul and that seems to stab you to death. How many of us have been down after a very

sudden break-up to a very long relationship? How many of us have had our lives almost

taken by ourselves because someone we love passed away? And how many of us have

wished that the person whom we loved before but betrayed us, be out of luck and face

misfortunes? It would definitely be a very significant number. Being hurt is inevitable

especially when we share ourselves to people, hoping that they will share themselves,

their characters, their wealth and their whole being for us in return. It is absolutely

beyond our control and when we get hurt, we tend to hate the person who did us wrong.

And worse, sometimes, it’s not just hate, coz there comes a time that we curse them for

everything which in effect, turns us to be the person we don’t really are.

But it should not be this way; a wrong deed can never be made right by doing

another wrong deed. Hurt can never be replaced by hatred so as a broken heart can never

be healed by another failing relationship. Ironically, it should not be but sadly, it’s the

way things are. We love, and then we hate. We do right, afterwards, we do wrong. We

urge to see the light, but then we embrace the darkness. No one can really escape these

predestined ironies of life.

In this light, we still have a refuge. It’s not too late for us to change. If odds

hinder us now, let’s beat them and if we can’t, we just have to learn to cope with it. It’s

just like that. Coz, in the walks of life, if there’s an end, there’s always a beginning…


The Otherside

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