Touch Move

          Why do people have different desires? Can it just be universal? Seems impossible, right? It is because from the day that we were born, we were given myriad choices – enough to make or break our lives. . .

          For quite some time, I have noticed certain persons in my life who seem to be clueless with a “choice’s” mystery. I referred to it as mystery because up until now, no one can explain how a simple choice can change an entire plan or a destined undertaking. In life’s endless chapters, we are all bound to have different choices. We choose the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the music we hear, the books we read and even the person we love.

          We will not stick to a person if at the first place; he/she does not fit our preference. Every one of us has a particular standard of how the person we will love should look like or act like. It is every person’s prerogative. But how do we measure if what we prefer is enough to be our choice? Surely, many would have dilemma in simply answering this question. As for me, a person is enough to be our choice if we can’t find  in our hearts even a single reason why he/she should not be the one. Then again, I sound like hopeless-romantic but that’s not the point here. LOL… All that I am scribbling about is that we should not always practice our right to choose a loved one because in one way or another, our relationship, which was already been established, is deemed to fail.

          If we find a person who completes us, who feels for us and whom we know, we can’t live without, we better have this person fairly cherished and worthy of our love, time and effort. I know it’s hard especially if we find a person who has better qualities than the person we already have. But like a child who lets go of his kite when he finds a lollipop more attractive to his eyes, we should stop the urge to pursue him/her. Let’s bear in mind that what we have right now is simply the best, the one that will die with us, our other-half, and most especially, our companion through thick and thin.

          Love is not just based on how a person meets your certain standards. Sometimes, it’s about sticking to your choice. Like in a chess game, when you touch a piece, you have to move it…for whatever risk awaits you.


Touch Move

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