I’ll Be

When you are forlorn and gloomy,

I’ll be a clown to make you happy.

When you need someone to cry on,

I’ll be a shoulder for you to lean on.

Whenever you need solutions to your problem,

I’ll be the denouement for you to solve them.

 If ever you ask me for just something,

I’ll be more than glad to give you everything.

When the crowd brings you down,

I’ll be your servant to put your crown.

When difficulties come into your life,

I’ll be the reason for you to fight.

If time comes that someone hurts you,

I’ll be the remedy in order to heal you.

And when you feel sick and dizzy,

I’ll be there to make you feel easy.

I’ll be there when the world stops turning

I’ll be there when the sun stops shining

I’ll be there whenever you need me

When you need a friend, I’LL BE.


I’ll Be

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