What If?

“Probably, the greatest torture we could ever do is to let our feelings for someone vanish, at the time that we are loving them the most.” –Anonymous

            Being in love with a person at the wrong place and at the wrong time is like pushing through a summer party on a dark, rainy day. It possibly can, but it’s absolutely inappropriate. But who cares about being proper? In today’s world where everything and everyone has their particular places and liberty, nothing can hinder us from doing anything, even loving someone.

            Once we fall in love, our defenses become too weak and we seem to fall for that someone even from the very instant that we saw him/her. It is because love happens in the least way that we expect it and sometimes, it happens in a way that makes us believe that all our wishful-thinking really do come true.

            Why not love? If it’s love that inspires us to pursue our dreams, go on. If it’s love that makes us a better person, love some more. And if it’s love that makes us feel alive, we should not spoil the moment that we have the ability to love and the chance to be loved.

          If you are confused on what you truly feel towards a person, take some time to reflect on things first then after a reasonable time, let your heart decide on what stand you are going. Are you going to be brave and continue loving or be coward and stop fighting? It’s just a matter of choice, not a matter of chance. Unlike destiny, love does not give us both a chance and a choice because mainly, it is our choice that makes the love bug growing. If you choose to love, you give yourself a chance to be loved back and have a worthy relationship. But, if you opt to stop, you deprive yourself a chance to experience how it is to be cared for and be loved by someone that you earnestly love.

         Your love may be wrong, but it definitely feels right. Am I right? So, think about it. What if he/she feels the same way? What if?


What If?

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