Just A Thought

Whether we like it or not, people come into our lives to bring every inch of pain that we ought to feel. Consciously or unconsciously, they give us enough reasons why on earth, there is nothing or no one that’s invincible. In one way or another, we hurt and get hurt by others. It’s just a matter of “Who did it first?”

And so, people try to get even with those who might have hurt them. It is absolutely fine to get mad at first but living with that anger is not sensible. It is because anger constitutes a never-ending suffering which might as well, ruin an entire life.

So, as long as the world still turns, we must learn to appreciate little things, laugh at our mistakes and have a bright perspective. If we can’t change everything into the way that we want them to be, then maybe it is time that we move on to another thing that we think, we can positively cope with.


Just A Thought

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