Caution: Tending A Hurt Attack

As this world becomes more and more state-of-the-art, everything in it is expected to level-up and have the optimum progress. We see towering heights everywhere, we are in fad with the latest fashion, we use the most high-technology gadget, we go to the best designed malls where everything can be found and we are absolutely up-to-date with what’s new. Seems like a huge wave of advancement has taken us, isn’t it? But what if everything has moved on except you? Will you rather let yourself be left behind than move forward? Is it because you are having a hurt attack?




A “hurt” attack, commonly known as broken-heartedness, is an unavoidable disorder primarily caused by the love bug virus. Commonly, symptoms include lack of appetite, inability to sleep, irritability, despair and incapacity to mingle with others. Severe cases include extreme depression in which, when not treated accordingly, will result to suicidal tendencies. Treatment of hurt attack is not yet concrete in terms of easy recovery as of now but researches are on going to identify how this disorder can be properly treated.





  1. Sudden Hurt Attackcharacterized by a feeling of hurt due to a sudden loss of a person or thing. Upon feeling hurt, grief usually follows. This kind is one that can’t be cured easily for it takes a lot of time forgetting the lost ones and finally overcoming the hurt. Death or unexpected loss is the most common factor that triggers a sudden hurt attack. Individuals experiencing this often opt to be alone and cease any form of communication and expression of happiness. They are most likely to have suicidal tendencies.
  1. Third Party Hurt Attack- a form of hurt experienced upon betrayal of a loved one to have a new relationship with another person, also known as a “third party.” Being dumped is definitely hurtful especially when the person your loved one dumped you for is not who you expected your former love will love, or even like. Attacks are strong whenever you see them together or even hear their names, relatively as when you know they’re happy while you’re not. People experiencing this kind hate being pitied and being the subject of conversations. They don’t want another “party” to come in between their love-hate situation.



  1. Rejection-induced Hurt Attack- Rejection is one of the main causes of hurt attack. Having been rejected, a person tends to hate the person who refused him/her because of the feeling of being not worth a try. It hurts even more when rejection happened when you still pursue a relationship that has already come to an end. For this kind, hurt level is only minimal because once a new prospect is found, moving on will just be easy but the thing to consider is “is it worth it?”


  1. Fortuitous Hurt Attack- There is such thing as fortuitous events, or unexpected occurrence. Hurt attack on this form happens when unexpectedly, the person you love had an early marriage or had a child with another man/woman. How would you take it if there was no other choice left for you but to stop and move on? It hurts big time though but having experienced this kind of hurt shows how strong you are as a person. Oops, before I forget, knowing out of the blue that your man or woman is gay is fortuitous, right? I guess it’s another unbearable pain.



  1. Oblivious Hurt Attack- They say when a heart breaks, it don’t break even. It is positively true because some people go through a situation where unconsciously, the relationship he/she shares with someone, reached its end all of a sudden. It’s like, it is just you who clings to that relationship but the other party on it takes that it’s over. Next thing you know, you are already left hanging and desperately hoping for reconciliation. People experiencing this kind often blame themselves for everything. Why it didn’t work, why they were left behind and why does it have to hurt that much are all that they can say. Actually, there are no words, only questions.




Over the years, tending a hurt attack seems like a long shot because in one way or another, we all experience being hurt in many unexplainable ways and instances. And even though we experience being hurt from time to time, still, we can’t say how we are able to get over it. It just happens. From being the oh-so-lonely us, happiness still finds us, no matter what. But of course, time has a big role on this.

But since the subject has brought it into this, it is advisable that in order to regain from a hurt attack, the following should be practiced during or after a hurt attack:

  1. Think of happy thoughts. As much as possible, don’t let yourself be taken over by the pain. Loneliness only creeps into your soul, if you let it in. The best defense mechanism for a lonely heart is to have a hopeful and spiritual soul.
  1. If you were rejected, don’t ever think of reconstructing yourself just to make the person you like, like you too. If they can’t accept you for who you are right now, tomorrow, they also wouldn’t. You are just wasting your time. Instead, find another one who’s far better than the one who rejected you. All your toils will pay off, just wait and see.
  1. Never assume that you are not worth a try, or not worthy to be loved. You just complicate your sufferings if you’d do that. Remember, when all else fails, your only refuge is yourself. How could anyone love you or even like you if you can’t love or like yourself wholly? How can you accept the things that may come your way if in the first place, you can’t accept yourself? Think about it.
  1. Don’t ever blame the fortuitous events that ruptured your life because being an unexpected occurrence, it isn’t really meant to be beneficial all the time. Sometimes, they happen to make or break you. If you give in easily to the call of depression, you only bring yourself into the abyss of extreme loneliness. Do not waste a lonely lifetime just because you can’t move on or you just don’t want to. Acceptance is easy if you just have an open mind and if you don’t, maybe it’s time that you unfasten yourself, your mind and your soul a bit. Everything’s going to change whether we like it or not. Nothing’s temporary so why worry, right?


  1. Oblivion is not an excuse to refuse letting go. What if you really have to? You can never hinder what has been planned by God.


  1. Make prayer a habit. In times of trials, the most powerful weapon is a sound relationship with Him. God made us as a man to understand that not all we wanted would be given to us. If we can have everything, we can never appreciate life’s simple presents.





There is no other preventive measure to a hurt attack but to avoid being drowned with the love bug virus. Just a simple dose of attachment is advisable. Once you feel that the virus enters your heart, don’t just allow it to penetrate. Take some rest and relax to comprehensively think about it. After a day or two, decide on the techniques you are going to use in case the virus becomes prevalent.

So, having imparted to you this piece of information, I wish you good luck. May you have the best health and an assault-free life. Just take it slow and know every do’s and don’ts. Love once, love some more. Be hurt once; don’t let it happen once more. =)


Caution: Tending A Hurt Attack

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