To Love Is To Make Someone Happy


Today’s a good day to celebrate. Whether you are single, in a relationship, married or in a complicated relationship, we all share the core concept of Valentine’s day: to love. For sure even once in your life, you have loved and have been loved but no matter where that love led you, it is never a sin to love once more.

It is very important that we know what is the best ingredient in loving someone. And that is: To make someone we love happy. We can never really give them everything they want: riches, fame, wealth but we can always make them happy in many simple ways: giving them a call everyday, sending them sweet messages, accompanying then to their go-to store, listening with them to their favorite song, giving flowers and chocolates, or even just spending long hours with them until you both fall asleep. Those moments, they are definitely priceless and worthy to be cherished.

Love itself is too complicated but once we enable ourselves to love, loving just comes in handy. No matter what love we had, whether it was a painful and unrequited one or a love that is made in heaven, what’s important is we did not hesitate to show some love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Stay in love.

To Love Is To Make Someone Happy

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