Music is the Rhythm of My Life

There is one thing that I can’t live without in my life: Music. I may let other things become out of my life but I can never bid goodbye to this one thing. When I first got interested with music, I never imagined that it would become a very significant part of my life. For me, it’s like my internal organs, not physically seen as a part of me but it keeps me alive and continuously kicking. Yeah!

It took me years to finally admit to myself that I’m inclined with music. How can  I play an instrument, how can I compose a song and how can I make music as everyone’s rhythm are the questions that bombarded me these past few years. I remember when I was a kid, I used to hear all kinds of music: from pop, mellow, rnb’s and even rock and metal music. But among the different genres of music, what I love the most is alternative rock. It’s just that I love it’s simplicity and its ability to convey even the most painful and sensitive topic in a not so melodramatic way nor in a screaming way that makes your ears hurt. They’re a bit loud but the patterns of tune makes you feel just comfortable with it. My favorite artists are: (In no particular order) Third Eye Blind, Greenday, U2, Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Matchbox 20 and The Fray. If you haven’t heard them, take some time to hear them. I promise, you won’t get disappointed.

When I was in college, I got my very first guitar. I didn’t really know how to play it that time but since I had the instrument, I told to myself that I have to learn how to play it. And so I did. By a couple of jamming sessions with friends and classmates and also some time of self learning, I learned the basics of playing the guitar. Until now, I cannot say that I’m good at playing it (because I really aren’t) but I know I can and I’m looking forward to learn more. Then, by constantly playing the guitar when I have a free time, I tried to make use of my ability in writing to accompany my ability in playing a guitar. This gave birth to my simple songwriting. As an amateur like I am, my songs are merely just a collection of personal experiences that I had. Some are from the people I knew and some are about just anything that crossed my mind while I was in the mood for writing. Maybe I’m just a hopeful songwriter. But mind you, this hope had brought me nothing but joy in my life. As I write songs, I became more matured with what’s happening in my life. As I write songs, I learned to be more expressive of my feelings. And most importantly, as I write songs, I began to appreciate life as a whole.

What’s there to hate life? It’s full of wonders that make you alive. There’s your family, your friends, your loved ones. These people not only show how you are loved but sometimes, they need to “unlove” you for you to realize their value. Aside from these people, there are other things in life that you may find valuable to you such as work, career, social status, stability and others. I won’t argue with you if you think they are important. They really are but they’re not as important as the people you have in your life. When you need someone to talk to, can your career be your confidante? When you get sick, can your work take care of you? Of course they can’t because they’re just things. You should always remember one thing: In every dictionary, “people” always comes first before “things”.

Music, with all its artistry and expressionism makes everybody’s life worth enjoying. If you are not a music lover, loosen yourself a little and try a good music to listen to. Who knows, upon hearing it, you’ll feel extravagant like being in a placid sea watching the sun as it sets. Music is the rhythm of my life. I hope you find yours too.


Music is the Rhythm of My Life

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