Hourglass: A Life, A Name

             Have you ever experienced hearing a song that in an instant took your breath away? Like, in that very moment, you were transported in a world that the only ones that exist are you and the song? I did. And for the first time in my life, I found myself engrossed to the totality of the song and the voice behind it.

             It was during my most “sensitive” years that I heard this song that definitely changed my life. You see, I’m not really a fan of mellow music or on most typical terms, love songs. It’s just that generally, when people hear songs like them, they can’t help but become emotional on things or people even when they’re not in a melancholic mood. To me, they’re just a bunch of drama hidden in a form of a song. But that day was different.. I don’t remember too well why I was gloomy back then but one thing’s I’m sure of. During that time, I was in a state where my emotions were as fragile as they could be.

              And then the song flew into the air and in just a matter of seconds, I was brought into the deepest emotions and my tears began to fall as I thought of many things that have gone from my life including the people I loved, dearly.

           The song was entitled “The Last of All Days” popularized by a local group called Hourglass. As the song begun and the lyrics were delivered, I can hardly move an inch from the radio and my toes felt weak. I was totally moved by the song and when it ended, I tried my best to hold back my tears but my eyes were not agreeing and I finally cried a bit. Exactly as the last lines were said, I knew to myself that the impact that the song brought me will remain forever in my heart. That was the first and last time that I heard that song until after almost 10 years that I came across a very popular website where videos are posted for the public to view. There, the memory of what I felt when I first heard the song on the radio relived again. I don’t know what’s so special with the song but the fact that hearing that song only for the first time but capturing my heart a million times is what made the song so significant to my whole being.

          As inspired as I was, it was also by this time that I realized that I want to write. Like what the song did to me, I want to capture hearts and bring good memories. So I decided that when I write, I would go by the name “Hourglass” and use it as my pen name or pseudonym. Before, it was just a mere respect for the ones who brought the song into my life by singing it so beautifully and soulfully but now, I realized that I chose that name because my life and the hourglass are very much alike.

          There are thousands of grains on the top of the hourglass and they all pass slowly through the narrow neck in the middle to reach the bottom of the hourglass. However, there is nothing that we can do to bring all the sand down at the same time. It all has to happen little by little. These sand represent the problems and challenges that life has to offer me. In order to reach the bottom, I should pass through the problems one by one until they all get solved and I will be able to reverse the hourglass again. Similarly, these sand also symbolize the things that I want to do or aspire to obtain in my life. I cannot, in a single lifetime , do all those things simultaneously. Rather,I should do things one at a time so I can give my very best to whatever I’m doing and regain whatever I have lost in the past. Truly, life is just a matter of good management of the things or persons you have in your life.

         As what my special song has taught me, we don’t need to have everything in order to say that we have a complete life. In life’s simplest lesson, all that we have to do is to be free and enjoy our present, and not be tied on a bitter past or the uncertain future.

         I have probably said everything that I wanted to say. But I hope someday, somebody will realize that we have to live our lives in the best way we can because we are responsible for it. Live for a moment and not just today, who knows? Maybe today, is the last of all days.


Hourglass: A Life, A Name

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