Make a Difference by Being Different


Let’s make it straight to the point now. We are all different, right? Humans as we are, we were born with varied personalities. No two persons are exactly alike because we all have unique features– be it physical, scientific, or even, emotional. There may be the same qualities but never a total similarity.

Unfortunately, some people live with the goal of being the same as everyone else. For them, if they’re different, they cannot be accepted. And so, they try to blend, up to the point of imitating someone else. However,it should not be that way. If we would always try to be like other people, how would we identify ourselves? How would we know who we really are if we are too busy being someone else?

We should bear in mind that whoever we are, we are peculiar in our own way. We don’t need to take someone else’s shoes because ours already fit perfectly. We don’t have to follow everyone else and be a typecast. All we have to do is to believe in ourselves, avoid pretensions and make a good stand for being different.

Truly, it is so much better to be different but real than to be typical but pretentious.


Make a Difference by Being Different

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