Of Life and Being Less Emotional

Classic arguments between me and my brain (or was it my conscience?)…


Brain: Why do you close your eyes whenever you watch thrillers or horror movies? Scary scenes are the best part.

Me: It’s predictable. The protagonist will get scared, do I have to get scared too? Then maybe I should be the one playing on that scary part.


Brain: Can you at least smile? Someone just delivered good news to you.

Me: I am happy for him, I really am. However, I don’t think I should be happier than him. It’s like, spoiling his joyous moment. I don’t want to do that.


Brain: Won’t you show some sympathy, or care or whatever? Someone just told you he’s upset.

Me: I believe that even if he’s upset, I, showing sympathy for him won’t make him smile. I do care, a lot. And that is the reason why I want him to find happiness in his own way.


Brain: Your good work was recognized, aren’t you happy?

Me: I am. But since I am not capable of strong emotions, I could not express clearly what my reaction would be like. Should I smile a bit? (I may look shy) Should I smirk? (I may look overconfident) Should I laugh? (I may look crazy) Oh, God!


Brain: You’re in pain. Your heart was broken. How can you act so strong?

Me: It is my heart that’s broken, not me, neither my body nor its parts. As long as I have my feet, I will stand up. As long as I have my eyes, I will see the world. As long as I have my hands, I will hold on. As long as I have my mouth, I will speak the truth. As long as I have my ears, I will listen. And as long as I have my life, I will live. Having just a broken heart won’t kill me.


Of Life and Being Less Emotional

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