5 Common Break-Up Lines (As Taught by Different Symbols)

Relationships? They’re the last thing I would ever want to mess my life with. I’ve already gone through them in the past. Some I did enjoy while some I could barely remember now. But here’s the thing, though I’m not that super experienced romanticist who have been to a lot of relationships, I kinda like the idea of love and relationships. In fact, since I started this blog, I have been writing primarily about them and I think, I still will.

And since we are talking about relationships, how about we talk about how to end them? Well, almost all of us have experienced how to end one or at least, we have been the one whom someone ended a relationship with, right? I’m pretty sure, we can all relate.

So, without further ado, here’s 5 Common Break-Up Lines (As Taught by Different Symbols.)

1. “It’s over. I’m leaving you.”

  • A period is always used to end something.

2. “What happened to us?”

  • A question mark asks questions but the answer is not always certain.

3. “It’s not you, it’s me.”

  • A comma is placed to show a pause or temporary rest.

4. “I hate you! I don’t wanna be with you anymore!”

  • An exclamation point signifies heavy emotions.

5. “I’m really sorry I messed up; you do not deserve me.”

  • .Semi-colon explains while giving another example.


5 Common Break-Up Lines (As Taught by Different Symbols)

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