Top 7 Reasons Why You Get So Many Likes/Comments on Your Post/Status

We have to admit it. Nowadays, we can forget to eat our lunch, to walk our dogs or to finish our homework but we cannot forget to check our social media accounts. Maybe it’s because we get a little feeling of satisfaction when we are able to: check who among our friends are online (so we can have a nice chat); read the latest stories on our News Feed (so we won’t miss a thing) and most especially, to know how many likes or comments our post/status has reached (so we can feel proud even for a while)

But have you ever wondered why you get so many likes or comments on something you posted online? Well, here are a few reasons:

  1. Your post is entertaining and it makes sense.
  • Making sense is always a turn on. When you post something that makes sense and is entertaining as well, it is sure to gather more attention than just something you post out of boredom or out of anger.
  1. It is controversial or it triggers gossips/speculations.
  • They say, gossips are the best way to pass the time. Well, maybe it’s true because when people do not have anything to do, they make stories (sometimes true but oftentimes are untrue) about simply anything or anyone then share them on everyone who doesn’t have anything to do like them. So, when you post something that triggers gossips or speculations, expect that it would be a great hit.
  1. People can relate to the things/pictures you post.
  • Social media has now evolved to be a convenient way of expressing one’s opinions, stories, life or laughter. So when something you post online is somewhat relatable, people immediately like it and if you are lucky enough, they would even share it on their accounts so in the end, the likes or comments on your post tripled.
  1. You have a huge fan base (this includes admirers, subordinates, colleagues)
  • When you are a constant social media user, it is not impossible for you to have fans or people who patronize your every post. Once you do have a couple of fans and they make it a point to always check your recent activity online, anything you post will surely have many likes or comments.
  1. Like you, there are people who do not have much to do but rely on social media to get rid of boredom
  • There, I said it. You are not alone. If you’re bored, there are also others who are bored like you and to get rid of boredom, they often rely to social media to give them a worthy time passing (which is like you again). So, when you actively update your profile and post something from time to time, your hearts are somehow in sync so they would understand what you feel and next thing you know, your post had already reached so many likes (which I’m sure came from them who are like you too).
  1. Those who liked or commented on your post like you too (if you could comment on their liking is a bonus)
  • Well, if you know what I mean, surely, not everyone will like you or your post so maybe, those who liked your post like you too. Need I say more?
  1. They value your effort in creating such a post.
  • Sometimes, people like your post because they see your effort when creating such post. It’s not bad actually, rather it’s something that you should be thankful for because though it may not be the greatest idea you have made, still, some people appreciated it.

Hmm, I wonder how many likes I will get on this? 🙂


Top 7 Reasons Why You Get So Many Likes/Comments on Your Post/Status

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