5 Things About Bully Friends That Would Make You Want To Have One

In every clique, there’s always this person who’s more of a boss than a friend; the one who likes to give orders you can’t refuse to follow; someone who acts like your mother sometimes, but like your father most of the time and those who take care of you in a way you can’t even notice that it’s what they do. They are what they actually hate to admit that they are: A Bully Friend.

Having friends is a wonderful gift but having bully friends is definitely a bonus. Ever wondered why? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Bully friends are the sweetest friends.
  • They may appear to be tough and proud on the outside but they are actually the ones who have the most overflowing emotions on the inside. When you part ways for a vacation, relocation or even a short-term separation, they are the ones who’ll cry first. You may think that they won’t remember your birthday but you’ll be surprised to know that they are actually the ones to greet you first thing in the morning and what’s more? They give you a very good present.
  1. Bully friends often help you overcome your fears and build your confidence.
  • As bully as they are, they would make you do things, even those you don’t want to. However, you will have no choice. I don’t know what they have exactly but bully friends seem to have this ability to persuade you to follow whatever they ask you to do, right? It’s not a bad thing actually because sometimes, doing something you don’t want to or you are not used to, gives you an opportunity to overcome anything you fear about. Have you ever tried singing (in front of an audience), bar hopping (a little tipsy), mountain climbing (for the first time) or kissing a stranger (a hot one) because a friend bullied you to do so? If yes, well, you should thank that friend of yours immediately because he/she have made you a person who is better and a way cooler than the one you were before.
  1. Bully friends are the best company when you are down.
  • When you’re down and depressed, bully friends won’t tolerate your sadness and cry with you. Instead, they would talk to you in your face about how ugly and pathetic you currently are for being so down and how bad it is to be depressed with something you are sure to get over with..given enough time. They would lift your spirits high by giving corny and sometimes, rude jokes that always make you laugh though there is really not much to laugh about because you’re obviously gloomy.
  1. Bully friends talk too much (because they care too much).
  • You may not have noticed but bully friends usually have a thing about talking. They talk and talk, while you listen. They tell you anything their heart feels especially when you need advice on something. They don’t just tell you what you want to hear rather, they speak the truth: bitter or sweet, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s for your sake, they won’t hesitate for the reality.
  1. Bully friends are loyal.
  • No matter how brave or proactive your bully friends are, when it comes to your friendship, they would never exchange it for any other thing. For them, once you become friends, you will be friends for as long as you need each other and have the back of each other. Though most of the time they bully you, your friendship is always the first thing they care about no matter happens.

It’s really not that hard to find friends. What is hard is to keep the good ones in our lives and nourish that friendship through every ups and downs. Right now, I have accepted the challenge of keeping friends, especially my bully friends who keep me company and patiently takes care of me not because I need to be taken care of but because they really care (or so I think).


5 Things About Bully Friends That Would Make You Want To Have One

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