A Broken Heart Is Not Forever

A broken heart is not forever.

It also doesn’t mean that you’re less as a person.

Sometimes, it just makes you sad, alone and seeking for comfort.

But oftentimes, it tells you that love can be unpredictable.

You love, and then get hurt. But then again, you’ll find another love.

Though history repeats itself, you should not forget that the future, on the other hand, is not always certain.

What’s certain is that your present is what defines your future.

So, spend your time wisely by no longer dwelling in unhappy moments that has happened in the past.

Instead, choose to be happy now and surely, you’ll be happy tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

It’s just like that. If happiness is within you, no unpleasant thing could ever make you feel sad.

Of course, not unless you let it.

And if you couldn’t find the reason to be happy, maybe you just have to find the reason why you shouldn’t be happy.


A Broken Heart Is Not Forever

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