Move Forward For A Good Life

Generally speaking, you will only see the goodness of life if you’ll open your mind to all possibilities.

If you have been wronged once, it doesn’t mean that you will have to face mishaps for the rest of your life.

If you have failed for so many times, remember that every success comes from every failure.

If you have lost people dear to you, bear in mind that wherever they are now is the best place that they could ever be.

If your heart got broken from time to time, know that every heartache is not forever. Someone, better than the one you had before will surely come along.

Always, there is really what we call, “change”: the only thing that’s permanent in this world.

And to cope with the ever-changing world, all you need to do is move along with it.

Move forward and never let the past intervene your present and spoil your future.


Move Forward For A Good Life

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