3 Things About the English Grammar that Make It My Favorite Subject

Grammar has always been my favorite. I can’t say that I’m good at it but I just know some rules on grammar and whenever I have a chance, I always follow those rules. Yes, grammar is too complicated but maybe it’s the intricacy itself that made me drawn into it.

So, since we’re talking about grammar, let me give you a little bit of the reasons why I love it, as much as I love my guitar, or my pink towel, or my poems, or Greenday or Coldplay or Mitch Albom..and the list goes on.

1. Simile, Metaphor and Other Figures of Speech

– Maybe by being inclined to these figures of speech and constantly using “Like” to compare one matter to another, it would help me like people and life more. Or maybe, I would gain more confidence to face reality by realizing that Personification and Hyperbole are just products of my imagination. And better yet, maybe I could stop questioning life’s ironies when I literally encounter ironies.

2. Punctuations

–You know it well. Punctuations give a statement its corresponding emotion. When you are stating a fact, you end it with a period. If you are asking a question, you use a question mark. Strong sentences end with an exclamation point.

I just thought that since I am the kind of person who expresses only a little dose of emotion, maybe I could get those emotions that I lack from these punctuation marks. And sooner, maybe, I could be more expressive or full of emotions or

3. Verbs

– Verbs are action words right? I just love the idea that grammar has something that signifies action while sometimes, when I am in the middle of my I’m-not-doing-anything-today mood, I refuse to make any action I can act upon and I really do not do anything but stare blankly on the wall and let my mind run for as fast as it could. But when I think about verbs, I see action, I feel movement. And maybe, that’s the vibe I want to get from verbs.

There are too many things about grammar that I like but the aforementioned items are probably my favorites.

Do you have yours too?


3 Things About the English Grammar that Make It My Favorite Subject

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