5 Signs That You’re Stressed

Everyday, we work hard. Everyday, we risk our lives on a new day that we do not know what will offer us. Will it be a good one, a stress-free one? Or it will just be one of the days that we feel like we just want to shrink because of too much stress? In school, office, work or even at home, stress is really inevitable. It is one of the things that never fails to put on negativity to almost everyone.

In your current situation, how do you know that you are stressed? As for me, below is my version of how to know if one is stressed or not:

1. Becoming an alien of time and date (Like, “What? Is it Friday already? My mind feels like it’s just Monday?”)

2. Having food as the best company. (No wonder, diet is not in the vocabulary of stressed persons.)

3. Always feeling bored. (You’ll find yourself constantly sighing without any reason.)

4. Everything seems complicated. (Like, though your physical features are perfectly functioning, it seems like your senses have all gone to waste.)

5. You make decisions that you don’t even know you did. (You may not notice but when you’re stressed, your decisions are abrupt and inconsistent.)

This ends my list. I know there are other signs to know whether stress is currently on your system or not. But I think it’s up to you to discover them.

And as I am ending this post, I think I have sighed more than twice (or was it thrice?) Gosh, I am not hungry but I feel like I want to eat. So, bye for now and good night (Is it night time already?)


5 Signs That You’re Stressed

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