A Letter From Earth To The Heavens

Hi Dad!

How are you? Well, I missed you and today, I remember so many things about you. I remember how you get up early to prepare my breakfast or lunch or whatever just so I won’t get hungry. I remember the times that you invited me to watch Discovery Channel with you but I refused. Hehe. I’m just not fond of watching those stuffs. I remember how you deliver your jokes that though they’re not so funny, it still gets me laughing. I remember how I get mad at you almost everyday but still, you take care of me by any means that you can. I remember how you scold me for going home late but I just smile at you and you smile back and I know that you’re no longer angry. I remember how you bring me anything: food, toy, clothes whenever you leave home. I remember the happiness you feel when I get home after every contest or competition that I get into–whether I win or lose.

There are many other things that I remember about you but I think I’ll just cherish them in my mind. As for me, I am doing perfectly fine. Don’t worry about me. I have a lot of stories to tell you and Mom but I know that you already know them all. Hahaha. I love you, Dad!

Your favorite child,


A Letter From Earth To The Heavens

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