Anyone can be a leader but not everyone can be a good one. People as we are, we all deserve power, honor, superiority. But sometimes, we do not know that we want those perks of being someone who leads, unless we had the chance to be a leader.

So what is a leader, really? For me, a leader is just someone who LEADS.

  • L-isten to others’ ideas and opinions
  • E-mbraces changes and innovations
  • A-ccepts mistakes especially his own
  • D-esignates tasks fairly
  • S-upports whatever the team or team members achieves even if it’s not in his own direction

Being a leader is such a hard responsibility but once we learn to just “LEAD”, the burden becomes light and we can play the role very well. It takes a good leader to make a strong team. And when the team is strong, working will just be as easy as 1-2-3.



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