They are everywhere.

Sometimes, they make your day brighter. Sometimes, they ruin it.

It is perfectly clear.

They say things about you, good or bad. Though they only know you a bit.

They’re a big part of you.

The words they say make you stonger or they can make you lose your temper.

Critics come without a clue.

And you simply get affected with every words they deliver.

Know that they’re meant to interfere.

Their existence can make or break you but it’s actually your choice.

You can take their criticism positively or let negativity conquer.

And in the end, when your choice is right, you just have to rejoice.

But what if you chose wrong?

You can always cope up by taking criticisms in a positive way.

Instead of frowning for so long,

Why not make yourself better by using every word they say?

Critics– they are everywhere. They’re a big part of you.

But without them, you won’t be able to learn, build your confidence and make a stand.



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