Next to life, friendship is the most valuable thing. It is the building blocks of all human relationships. When you found someone you can laugh at your mistakes with, someone you can cry your pains with and someone you can share your dreams with, that someone is undeniably called a “friend”. Nobody cares for you as gentle as a friend. No one could ever love you as sweet as a friend. And nothing in this world would ever replace a friend as your most valuable belonging.

You see, even the best lovers once started just as friends and a perfect family is always established with a friendly affection towards each other. There is really no successful bond that was not built with a simple dose of friendship.

At least once in our lives, we’ll find a friend. But it doesn’t matter if we have too many or just a few friends. As long as they’re real and worthy to be called a friend, they are meant to stay in our lives, no matter what.



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