It’s amazing how everyday, you get to know or see different people with different looks and personalities. Yet, there is only one person who gets to know you best and who sees you clearly amidst everyone’s peculiarity. That person could be your soulmate—the one destined to be with you, until the very last.

But it doesn’t matter whether you are currently in a relationship with your soulmate or not. What matters is knowing that somehow, beyond your life’s wildest imagination, someone will come to make you feel that your souls are intertwined and that no matter what happens between the two of you, there is always something that connects you both. That something could be love, or it might be your mutual fondness to each other or even that force of attraction that you feel whenever you’re together.

Once you find your soulmate, do everything to keep him/her but never ever force him/her to stay. Your soulmate is the best representation of yourself so whatever you do to him/her, good or bad, you do it to yourself. Having your soulmate by your side bounded by love almost feels like heaven. On the other hand, if your soulmate is forced to stay with you just because you couldn’t or wouldn’t let go, it is one hell of a bad feeling.

A soulmate will pass by your life only once, just like a shooting star, and when it pass, make sure to have your wish ready for it may never be within your sight again. Whoever your soulmate is, or the man/woman of your dreams, my only hope is for you to find him/her, while you’re still awake.



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