Sentiments of a BrokenHearted

Have you ever loved someone who can’t love you back though you have already given everything you’ve got to offer? Were you in a situation where you were left hanging for just no reason? Are you waiting for someone you were never sure if worth your wait? Or maybe, are you the hopeless romantic type who still believes in the magic of “The One”?

If your answer to any of the questions aforementioned above is “Yes”, this post is just right for you. Today, we will compile the most heartbreaking, stop-it’s-killing-me, I-can’t-take-this-anymore sentiments of a brokenhearted someone, briefly explained in just five words. And now, without further ado, here are they:

  1. It should have been us.
  2. You broke my heart, again.
  3. I’m not the only one.
  4. You can’t love me back.
  5. I could not wait forever.
  6. You’re near, yet so far.
  7. I thought we’re still together.
  8. You easily forgot about me.
  9. I can only miss you.
  10. You are my sweetest destruction.
  11. I can’t make you mine.
  12. Sometimes, good things couldn’t last.
  13. You left with no goodbye.
  14. You lied, I believed you.

So, up to how many lines can you relate?

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Sentiments of a BrokenHearted

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