Top Reasons Why People Get Bored

Admit it or not, there will always come a time when you will get bored. Sometimes, due to obvious, predictable reasons but sometimes, for no reason at all. You just feel like, “Okay, this is getting non-sense. Boring.” and then you suddenly stop what you’re currently doing and you look for another thing or task that you could shift your attention to. It is our human nature to get tired of something that we do every single day of our lives but do you know that it is not just because of doing things you get used to that makes you feel bored?

Here are top reasons of  boredom, as responded by fellow individuals (who are always bored). LOL

1. Doing routinary things everyday

  • Yes, doing the same things over and over again is the ultimate reason why most people get bored. But we couldn’t blame them can we? If you are the office worker type who spends 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in the office, doing a single task (e.g. filing and sorting documents), I’m sure you are the most bored one. Imagine, every day that you spend working, you are not able to do any other thing because basically, your primary function is to file documents. How boring could it get if you have already memorized the content of every document that you file? Gosh, it must have been a lot to take.

2. Having nothing to do at all

  • Who says that doing nothing is all that good? Maybe for a while, but if everyday, you are doing absolutely nothing, boredom is what you will surely have. We were created with two eyes, hands and feet for us to use them to produce results. But if we aren’t doing such, our mere existence would just be a waste. Sometimes, when we aren’t doing anything, our self-esteem becomes low because we are not able to be productive, to practice physical actions or even to use our brains.

3. You lack inspiration or something good to look forward to

  • Inspiration is one of the best ingredients of a healthy and balanced work outlook. If you are inspired, you can do great things, things that you wouldn’t even imagine that you could do. Inspiration comes in various ways: a person you had a crush on (for God knows how long), a promotion that you’ve been waiting for, a colleague you admire for work excellence or maybe even your boss (that you are in a love-hate relationship with at all times)  but if you don’t have any single one, that would mean that you, being uninspired is blocking your way to success or even, doing a good job.

4. Making/doing different things but not accomplishing anything at all in the end

  • It’s pretty easy to start doing things but finishing all of them? Nah, it will take a lot of time, effort and resources. Are you currently like that? Just doing things but not finishing anything in the end? If yes, there is no wonder that you’ll get bored because it means that you are confused of what your real purpose is. It’s really tough to be the one who’s always starting something because of the excitement that it gives you but when you aren’t able to finish them, your excitement is replaced with frustrations. Right?

5. You are influenced by other people to get bored like them

  • When you are bored, it makes you feel less bored if there is also someone who’s bored like you, right? And so, sometimes, we aren’t really bored but when some people influence us to get bored like them, we seem like a gullible toddler who simply follows. But that is very normal, these days.

6. You are naturally idle

  • Well, with the very definition of “idle”, need I say more?

You may be a little bored today, but don’t worry for it’s just temporary.

I still wish you a good and productive day, though.


Top Reasons Why People Get Bored

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