Others Above Self

In our everyday lives, we often think about what we want– what would be suited for us, what would be in our favor, what are the things and people we deserve and what would be beneficial for our own sake.

In this era of high-technology, it seems like everybody was taken away by these vast innovations and bit by bit, we forget what the true meaning of life and living is.

At some point in our lives, why don’t we think about other people’s sake first before thinking about ours? Why don’t we  make a way to give them what they deserve instead of persuading others to give us what we deserve? Why don’t we become considerate of what makes them happy and not be so naive to even remember that our Moms love anything as long as it came from us or that our Dad is a solid Lakers fan or that our friend likes Hello Kitty?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a “ME” attitude. But maybe, just maybe, when we all learn to consider other people and things, we would all become a better person. We would know how to sacrifice our own happiness just so someone could be happy. We could be at peace because we wouldn’t be bothered if someone got a higher score in an exam than us or if our colleague got promoted early. But most importantly, we would know how to wholeheartedly give without expecting anything in return.

Remember, we can never be the very best but somehow, we can live a happy life by simply being a person a lot better than what we’ve always been.


Others Above Self

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