This 2016, Take It Slow

So here comes 2016. What are your plans? Your resolutions? Your aspirations? Well, here are mine:

Plans are good for they give us a detailed breakdown on what to do for a particular period of time even before it actually happens. However, plans aren’t always for everyone. Sometimes, no matter how planned things in your life are, they just don’t end up exactly how you planned it. In the end, it makes a better sense to just go with the flow and let the wind take you where you ought to go. A very long introduction, right? But all I want to say is this year, I plan to care less on making plans. Not that I don’t believe that may plans will work out, it’s just that sometimes, the best plans are those that came out of nowhere and just popped-out of your brain suddenly. Well, we don’t really need to plan everything, do we? We just have to know what to make plans for and eventually, do everything to make that plan turn out right.

When you say “Resolutions”, what always comes next is the New Year, right? They give us an idea on what we’ll change for the year that has come. Hopefully, this change is for the better and not for the worse. So, just to beat the traditional New Year’s Resolution, mine is: I will NOT make a New Year’s Resolution this year. Reason? Well, in that way, I won’t get tied up to changing something about myself which in the first place, I know I can’t, so I just won’t. As simple as that.

Aspirations, they are the things that we want to do or achieve, given the chance..Hmm, I have a lot of it but having a lot of aspirations can be a little confusing. When you have many things that you want to do or achieve, you’ll find it hard to decide which of them will you focus on first. Worse-case scenario, out of all the things you started doing or achieving, you’ll accomplish or have nothing in the end. So as prescribed, aspire things only one at a time. Who knows, when you take it slow, you’ll have the fastest way to success.

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016!



This 2016, Take It Slow

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