A Sonnet to the Future

Amongst everyone, you clearly stood out.
Your eyes, your lips, the sound of your voice,
They do mesmerize me and that’s no doubt.
Always, you are gonna be my choice.
But this feeling, I cannot say nor shout,
Coz when it’s true, it’s best without a noise.
Nothing compares to what this is about.
For it brings good luck and a bunch of joys.
Yes, feelings grow just like the plants sprout,
But it can’t be played like we do with toys.
It’s something that we cannot live without,
Though sometimes it hurts and it annoys.
Yet, being with you ’til my days run out
Is one thing that will make my life in poise.
Those mem’ries with you will make the days count
And forever will make my heart rejoice.

A Sonnet to the Future

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