Not Alone

Sometimes, you’ll feel like everything around you is falling apart. Like, when you open your eyes, you can’t see a clear picture of yourself and the world. You may suddenly want to shrink or just disappear for a moment. It’s pretty natural actually. People as we are, it is our human nature to feel weak, fragile and hopeless when we face burdens we couldn’t seem to handle. There’s even some instances when we give up on something we really wanted or abandon the feelings we held for so long.

When this happens, it’s okay to cry. Release your frustrations, disappointments, and any negativities that unpleasant situations have brought you. It’s not being coward, it’s merely being brave for accepting that not everything you want could be yours and not everything you feel would be reciprocated.

But the next time you feel bad about yourself, that you can no longer handle everything on your plate, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You have friends, colleagues, family members or someone just waiting for your call to help you make it through. Sometimes, it’s not the things that we go through that separate us from the people we love but our lack of willingness to share our hardships and misfortunes with them. When your life gets tough, don’t be depressed thinking that you deserve a better life or that you are worthless and a failure. Instead, be proud that you are able to experience such difficulties because in the end, it’s what will make the best person out of you.

Life is bigger than what you think it is. It could be harder than what you could imagine. You may get lost along the way, for so many times, for various reasons but knowing that you are not alone makes all the difference. Don’t keep your problems, your anxieties, your confusions, all by yourself. Share it, talk to someone or better yet, write about it.

Remember that you are never alone. You have your friends, colleagues, family members and loved ones. Most especially, you have a God and He’s just waiting for you to call.


Not Alone

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