Music & Life

No amount of material thing could ever replace music as the universal giver of peace of mind and accompaniment for soul-searching. Everywhere, there’s a sound that you hear. Soft, loud, deafening, regardless of its intensity, you would know at just one tick on your ears that it is music. There’s the music that soothes your soul. There’s also that tone that makes you do your grooves and unleash your dancing moves. On the other hand, there’s also the kind of music that makes you sleep with its mellow rhythm or weep with its heartbreaking meaning.

Whatever music you listen to, it makes you forget the world–how you currently are, what you are going through, the things that worry you or the people you want to get over with. Thus, giving you a temporary escape from anything you don’t want to or you simply can’t face.

Music is the rhythm that makes our life more enjoyable. It is the beat that keeps every unpleasant thing shrink and it is the tone that lingers in our hearts and soul. Everyone is a music lover, we just might don’t know it yet.



Music & Life

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