Talking Deep

Have you ever just wondered why you are created on this earth? Like, are you living for a purpose or you are just something that came up out of the blue? Is it even valid to say that you are a reincarnation of someone who has lived before you? Are you a clone?

These questions sometimes come to my mind whenever I am opening a conversation with someone. Not that I don’t have any interesting topic to talk about, it’s just that, for me, it seems pretty cool to talk about these things especially when you’re bored. Why? It’s simple. These serious and deep stuffs make the best conversation because it can open up a broad topic that could make a simple chat, feel like an entire storytelling. You see, I always love to listen to people’s stories. Good or bad, plain or exciting, short or long, it doesn’t matter. For me, these stories are what make them alive.

Not a day really goes by that we won’t have anything to talk about to someone. It is because through talking, we are able to express ourselves—how we feel about something, what we want, or just our point of view. There’s freedom in talking and this medium of expressing oneself has become the most effective way of human interaction.  However, it is through talking about unusual stuffs that we get to know a person better and realize that there’s more to life than mediocre things or even people.  It is because, man as we are, there’s this peculiar weirdness in all of us that comes out when we least expect it. For example, when we decide to discuss about a certain topic which at first we don’t realize that we have in us. It could be our childish dream to have our own amusement park, our love for zombie and post-apocalyptic stories, our obsession about heaven, hell and purgatory, our fetish for feathery things, our disposable utensils collection and the list goes on.

Today, at this moment, what I really want to fuss about is my love-hate-relationship with my job (day job to be exact). However, as I am caught in this dilemma and some kind of “deep-stuffs” virus, I ended up literally talking about it on this post. Well, please excuse my currently unstable brain.

So, do you have anything to talk about? Why am I still typing? Argggghhh……

Talking Deep

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