Liking Someone

Some feelings cannot just be said out loud. They’re the ones you only feel when you’re alone or having a heart-to-heart moment with yourself. The strongest among these feelings is the feeling of liking someone. 

We all have our own definition of liking someone but it all boils down on only one thing: We feel it deep within. Though sometimes, we are unsure at first, a simple encounter with that someone would make all the difference.

Liking someone is an honest feeling. It could give you excitement, would make your heart beat fast and would make you think as if you are finally being a normal human being.

When you like someone, you are interested in his soul. You find pleasure in getting to know what he thinks and it could give you joy by just having that someone within your reach.

Liking someone is easy but making that someone know about it could be that hard. Too hard that you keep it hidden, right in the very deep portion of your heart.

Liking Someone

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