Of Life, Love and Having a Job

​There is really no perfect job because all of it has flaws. You may not see it now but as you go on, you will realize how imperfect your job is (so as the other jobs you haven’t landed yet). That’s the whole point of working. Every job does not guarantee everything you want for a job. Yes, it could give you some benefits, fulfill your needs and make you happy for quite some time. Yet, if you lose interest or if you find another one which you think is better, you’ll begin to look for its every flaw, its every disadvantage. And then the rest of every days will just be like battling every monster of idleness and discontent. In the end, you cannot or will not give your 100% for your work only because of the 10% of feeling every imperfection you thought it has.

There is no perfect job but you can make it perfect by accepting and embracing its imperfections as if it’s meant to be flawed for you to figure it all out and give whatever you can, by any means you can.

And I say, this also applies to love and being in a relationship.

Of Life, Love and Having a Job

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