Truthful Lie

Many times, we get confused on what to do with our life. We bombard ourselves with questions, sometimes, even the silly ones, that we do not know how to answer (or if they really have an answer). Maybe, that is what living life is all about. We wonder constantly what the future will bring us but we also get stuck with the past’s “could-have-been” and “I-should-have-done-that”.


We also tend to complicate things, or even our relationships. It’s like, though we are perfectly happy with something, all of a sudden, we think of lacking something essential, something that cannot be explained. And so, we lose our contentment. We forget how happy we are because we’re busy finding the loopholes on everything.


Undeniably, living life could be that hard especially when we easily give in to temptations, to lies that come out as truths or to thoughts that are just thoughts, with no meaning at all. Life is a truthful lie we all have to live with but without it, we are just a thought, waiting to pop out and come into existence.

Truthful Lie

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