The problem with memories

is the more you cherish them,

the more it gets to your heart.

And when you suddenly think about a memory,

it brings you back to that exact moment.

But this time around, it’s just a glimpse–

of the same feelings, of the same emotions,

but no longer with the same person.


How To Live

It’s not very pretty out there in the real world. But if we won’t take every chance we have to cope up and just live in the imaginary world that we used to, we lose our chance to be who we most wanted to be. Sometimes, it could be tough. You’ll face mishaps, challenges, and all that negative stuffs. But as long as you have the courage to try and wait, you’ll surely have the fruits of your success.

So, travel a lot, open up more conversations, pursue your passions, collect more memories and let someone know what you truly feel. Like they say, you only live once, so might as well, make the most out of it. When you finally know how to be happy, you finally know how to live.

How To Live


People come and go,
but we never really get used to it.
Sometimes, life separates,
other times, it’s death that causes it.

The ones we care about,
the people we love so much,
some strangers we barely knew,
all of them will not stay when it’s due.

Yet, we have their memories,
good or bad, they’re a part of us.
These memories will linger
and will stay with us forever.

Yes, people come and go,
but we have to be strong to move on.
Though we are a lifetime away,
remembering their memories
is what will keep us going on.


For Me

I remember the times we were together–
how we laughed about corny jokes,
how we fought over petty things,
how we talked until we both fell asleep,
how we danced through the night
and simply how we spent
our times together.

But do you know
what I miss most about us?
It’s how everything
is in the right place,
at the right time,
when we’re together.

Though things get hard,
our bond gets stronger
and as we grow older,
our feelings get deeper.

We may not know it
but what we had
is truly something special.
At least, for me.


For Me

Until Next Year

In my mood’s roller coaster ride;

In my life’s comedies and dramas;

In my constant lack of affection;

In my adventures and misadventures;

In my pursuit of happiness;

In my journey to achieve my dreams;

In my fragile and sensitive state;

Most of all, in my crazy and sometimes absurd way of living;

If you’ve been with me, know that I am grateful to you.

From the bottom of my heart, up to my hypothalamus

Let’s make another set of memories

Until next year, please be with me.







Until Next Year


Years from now,

I may have already forgotten about you–

how you dress,

what kind of food you like,

the music you like to listen to,

the movies you want to see,

or even how you sleep.

I may completely forget everything about you

but one thing’s for sure.

I will never ever forget how we were

because what we have will always be in my memory,

kept in my heart..

for as long as I live.