The Line

There’s just something that connects us

Mutual admiration, shared passions, thinking alike

We are both happy when we’re together

Some good things I’ll always remember


But there’s a line in between

When the both of us meet

Where there’s just “me” and “you”

And everything else, I don’t know

The line, I could not cross nor pass

Will remain that way officially

Because we’re unofficially together

And there’ll be no “us” until forever

The Line


The problem with memories

is the more you cherish them,

the more it gets to your heart.

And when you suddenly think about a memory,

it brings you back to that exact moment.

But this time around, it’s just a glimpse–

of the same feelings, of the same emotions,

but no longer with the same person.


Same Love

There’s nothing sweeter than receiving the same love.

It’s when you give efforts and your efforts are reciprocated.

It’s when you appreciate little things and you get appreciated in return.

That’s the kind of love you need and not all the time, it happens romantically.

Sometimes, it’s when you wake up and see yourself in front of the mirror. 

Same Love

Your Name

We may get along really well,

Be really close like no one can tell,

Share our stories and laugh together,

Make our lives something to remember

But sooner, we may part our ways

“Us” will be sometimes, instead of always

Each day together may become cold

Two people in a different world

But there’s one thing that I’ll remember about you,

The thing that I couldn’t forget from you

It’s that one thing that I first knew

It’s your name that made me into you

Your Name

Bully Friend

In every clique,

there’s always this person

who’s more of a boss than a friend;

the one who likes to give orders

you can’t refuse to follow;

someone who acts like your mother sometimes,

but like your father most of the time;

and the one who takes care of you

in a way you can’t even notice

that it’s what they do.

They are actually what they hate

to admit that they are:

A Bully Friend

Bully Friend