About Love

Why do you love the person you love? Is it because of that captivating look and peculiar personality? Or maybe because of the way you are taken care of? Is it because of that feeling of finally not being alone? Or maybe because when you’re together, complicated things become less complicated?

No matter what reason, it will all sum up to one thing: You love the person you love because you have chosen it. You are feeling that kind of love because you chose to feel it. And though you have a million choices, you particularly chose that person: his whole being, body and soul.

It’s amazing how all of us love someone, even unrequitedly. But sometimes, it’s even more fulfilling to realize that though your love don’t get reciprocated, you are still willing to choose that person, over and over again–amidst the pain, in between broken hearts. Because unconsciously, we all crave not for being loved but for the chance to have loved someone at all.

About Love

The Line

There’s just something that connects us

Mutual admiration, shared passions, thinking alike

We are both happy when we’re together

Some good things I’ll always remember


But there’s a line in between

When the both of us meet

Where there’s just “me” and “you”

And everything else, I don’t know

The line, I could not cross nor pass

Will remain that way officially

Because we’re unofficially together

And there’ll be no “us” until forever

The Line

Wishful Thinking

​I lie here in my bed

Imagining our “could have beens”

Then it got me thinking

What I should have done to make you stay
Your memories are all over me now

The way you laugh, the way you hold my hand

Everything was all so clear to me

Except for the fact that you could never be here
I’m awake, but I dream about you

When I close my eyes, all I see is you

Maybe you’re a little overstaying

In my heart, you found your home
Everyday, I’m filled with wishful thinkings

That I could still be yours and that you’re mine

Someday, I’ll find you again

One day, you’ll come back

Wishful Thinking


I got close to you, (almost)
those small talks,
sweet exchange of words,
late night conversations..

You just need someone to talk to.

I had you, (almost)
you come to me when you’re bored,
we eat meals together,
and watch movies or series on free time..

You just enjoy my company.

I loved you, (almost)
your thoughts don’t leave my mind,
your voice lingers, your face is all I see,
my heart beats faster when we’re together.

I almost got close to you
I almost had you
I almost loved you
Too bad, almost doesn’t mean, “together”.



From Afar

At least once in your life, you’ll find someone whom you will like so much.

So much, that no matter how hopeless, you’ll keep on liking that person.

No matter how hard, you’ll always think of that person.

No matter how complicated, you’ll still hold on to your feelings towards that person.

No matter how pathetic, you’ll look forward to the day that you will finally be with that person.

You’ll remember that person’s face, smile, gestures and even the smallest details that no one else could ever notice.

From afar, you will always like that person…

but you will never do anything about it.


From Afar

In Reality

A glimpse of you
could make my heart melt,
One simple hello from you
could paint the sweetest smile in me,
A little attention you give
could make my day brighter.

Am I falling too hard?
Or I’m just daydreaming?
Could it be that I’m drawn to your affection?
Or is it only fantasy?

Whatever it is,
I’ll just seize the moment,
feel whatever I am feeling
and just seem like there’s an “us”
Although in reality,
there’s only “me” and “you”

In Reality