About Love

Why do you love the person you love? Is it because of that captivating look and peculiar personality? Or maybe because of the way you are taken care of? Is it because of that feeling of finally not being alone? Or maybe because when you’re together, complicated things become less complicated?

No matter what reason, it will all sum up to one thing: You love the person you love because you have chosen it. You are feeling that kind of love because you chose to feel it. And though you have a million choices, you particularly chose that person: his whole being, body and soul.

It’s amazing how all of us love someone, even unrequitedly. But sometimes, it’s even more fulfilling to realize that though your love don’t get reciprocated, you are still willing to choose that person, over and over again–amidst the pain, in between broken hearts. Because unconsciously, we all crave not for being loved but for the chance to have loved someone at all.

About Love


The problem with memories

is the more you cherish them,

the more it gets to your heart.

And when you suddenly think about a memory,

it brings you back to that exact moment.

But this time around, it’s just a glimpse–

of the same feelings, of the same emotions,

but no longer with the same person.



I’ve always wanted everything that’s complicated because in intricacies, I find challenge. I get driven to be someone I’m not or do something that I’m not used to just because I feel the hype of being in a complicated state but still I can manage to get through. I don’t want to do the simple and plain because I easily get bored. Given the chance, I would choose something that’s unusual, always.

My life may be filled with everything that’s complicated right now but deep in my heart, I know that these complications make me stronger, wiser and a lot better than who and what I am before. Whatever happens, I know I’ll survive, even on the toughest times.

This is me accepting my weakness, which happened to be at the same time, my strength. 


Same Love

There’s nothing sweeter than receiving the same love.

It’s when you give efforts and your efforts are reciprocated.

It’s when you appreciate little things and you get appreciated in return.

That’s the kind of love you need and not all the time, it happens romantically.

Sometimes, it’s when you wake up and see yourself in front of the mirror. 

Same Love


Life sometimes gives us challenges we can’t seem to pass. We become bound to a future that’s certainly uncertain and it pushes us to be the best version of ourselves only to be disappointed in the end.

I guess that’s just the magic of life.

It is challenging, uncertain and full of ironies but once we get over these unpleasant circumstances, all our worries, frustrations and disappointments will disappear. Like magic, it will be as if it never existed. Like magic, we’ll accept it as it is and we’ll just enjoy the show. It’s what we paid for anyway.

Life is really interesting, magical but definitely entertaining.