Of Life and Losing a Loved One

Losing a loved one does not mean that you also have to lose yourself in the process of moving on with that tragic moment. At first, of course, you have all the right to be sad and weep for your loss but it’s definitely pathetic if you can hardly live your life without them.

A thing lost can never be regained especially if it’s in the will of the Lord. So, when you are currently experiencing such trial, don’t ever ask God why of all people, you were the one whom He had taken a loved one. Instead, be thankful that although you lost a person so dear to you, He is always ready to give you His helping hand whenever you call.

When your life gets a little messy because of problems, don’t say, “God, I have a big problem,” rather, say, “Problem, I have a big God.” And if you do, you’ll make an exceptionally tough person out of you–tough enough to withstand any obstacles and pound any impediments.

Of Life and Losing a Loved One


I’ve always wanted everything that’s complicated because in intricacies, I find challenge. I get driven to be someone I’m not or do something that I’m not used to just because I feel the hype of being in a complicated state but still I can manage to get through. I don’t want to do the simple and plain because I easily get bored. Given the chance, I would choose something that’s unusual, always.

My life may be filled with everything that’s complicated right now but deep in my heart, I know that these complications make me stronger, wiser and a lot better than who and what I am before. Whatever happens, I know I’ll survive, even on the toughest times.

This is me accepting my weakness, which happened to be at the same time, my strength. 


Of Life, Love and Having a Job

​There is really no perfect job because all of it has flaws. You may not see it now but as you go on, you will realize how imperfect your job is (so as the other jobs you haven’t landed yet). That’s the whole point of working. Every job does not guarantee everything you want for a job. Yes, it could give you some benefits, fulfill your needs and make you happy for quite some time. Yet, if you lose interest or if you find another one which you think is better, you’ll begin to look for its every flaw, its every disadvantage. And then the rest of every days will just be like battling every monster of idleness and discontent. In the end, you cannot or will not give your 100% for your work only because of the 10% of feeling every imperfection you thought it has.

There is no perfect job but you can make it perfect by accepting and embracing its imperfections as if it’s meant to be flawed for you to figure it all out and give whatever you can, by any means you can.

And I say, this also applies to love and being in a relationship.

Of Life, Love and Having a Job

Your Name

We may get along really well,

Be really close like no one can tell,

Share our stories and laugh together,

Make our lives something to remember

But sooner, we may part our ways

“Us” will be sometimes, instead of always

Each day together may become cold

Two people in a different world

But there’s one thing that I’ll remember about you,

The thing that I couldn’t forget from you

It’s that one thing that I first knew

It’s your name that made me into you

Your Name


Life sometimes gives us challenges we can’t seem to pass. We become bound to a future that’s certainly uncertain and it pushes us to be the best version of ourselves only to be disappointed in the end.

I guess that’s just the magic of life.

It is challenging, uncertain and full of ironies but once we get over these unpleasant circumstances, all our worries, frustrations and disappointments will disappear. Like magic, it will be as if it never existed. Like magic, we’ll accept it as it is and we’ll just enjoy the show. It’s what we paid for anyway.

Life is really interesting, magical but definitely entertaining.


Wishful Thinking

​I lie here in my bed

Imagining our “could have beens”

Then it got me thinking

What I should have done to make you stay
Your memories are all over me now

The way you laugh, the way you hold my hand

Everything was all so clear to me

Except for the fact that you could never be here
I’m awake, but I dream about you

When I close my eyes, all I see is you

Maybe you’re a little overstaying

In my heart, you found your home
Everyday, I’m filled with wishful thinkings

That I could still be yours and that you’re mine

Someday, I’ll find you again

One day, you’ll come back

Wishful Thinking